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The Secret Ingredients to Breaking Hidden Habits In Our Minds!

The first ingredient in anything is having the education and knowledge about topics that we may being doing all our lives but not know or have an understanding of the reasons for engaging in these behaviours. So to begin with let me educate you more on what overthinking really means!

What is Overthinking?

Overthinking is a thought process and a behaviour that can take up a lot of our time particularly at times when we are feeling stressed and anxious. Overthinking is typically made up of two major components which are rumination and worry. Overthinking is an unhealthy habit that typically causes increased emotional distress. The more we do it the stronger the habit becomes and the harder it is to change. Therefore it is about breaking these habits by decreasing overthinking which will lead to the habit becoming weaker and as a result we will ruminate and worry less.

Rumination involves dwelling about situations that happened in the past and are viewed as negative. Rumination may involve thinking about situations where there was a loss or a perceived personal failing which leads to feelings of low mood/depression, sadness, shame, guilt. It is common for people to question then what they could have done differently and experience regret. Rumination is a behaviour where we are repeatedly thinking about the same situation and regurgitating the details of what happened in the situation with possible aims of figuring out what I or others should have or I should not have done

Worry is the opposite to rumination and is another form of overthinking. Worry is all future focused where there is uncertainty and the future is viewed as having a negative outcome. Usually the question is What if?……with the worst case scenario being imagined will happen! This leads to increased feelings of fear, stress and anxiety which can be accompanied with uncomfortable physical sensations i.e. nausea, ‘knot’ in the stomach, tightness in chest, tension in the body.

Rumination and worry are behaviours that primarily are done to reduce distress and overcome problems, but unfortunately the outcome of these behaviours increase and prolong distress which makes the problem bigger. Engaging in these behaviours creates unhealthy habits of overthinking which interferes with rationale thinking, daily activities, healthy routines and questioning our ability to cope effectively with situations.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an evidenced based psychological intervention that is proven to successfully treat both worry and rumination. I have treated many clients with CBT at my clinic with these problems.

Outlined below some of my top tips and advice on how to overcome these habits of overthinking.

Top Tips on How to beat the habit of Overthinking?

Awareness: Notice that the mind is going down that rumination or worry route.

Acknowledge whatever thought is and tell yourself:

  • There’s nothing I can do about my thoughts – I can’t stop them BUT I can choose not to focus on them.
  • I do not feel strong enough to think about this right now and change your focus onto something else that will take up your attention and help you feel better
  • What can I do right now, that will help me feel better, and be effective for me in this situation?
  • Reflect on what you can do right now that will take me one step in the right direction and be more beneficial for my health and wellbeing? (i.e. ring a friend, listen to a podcast/music that you enjoy, any type of movement you enjoy (i.e dancing, walking, running, yoga etc.)
  • Don’t believe everything you think straight away is true…..
  • Remember listening to your thoughts is one thing BUT we have the power to speak back to our thoughts giving yourself the best advice of what needs to be done with whatever your mind is telling you….

REMEMBER Overthinking leads to creating problems that were not even there in the first place!Lets Beat This Habit together!

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