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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has proved to effectively treat a wide range of emotional and physical health problems. It is a talking therapy with positively increases well-being and quality of life
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My name is Sharon Clernon and I am an accredited cognitive behavioural therapist. I have over 21 years experience working with people who experience mental health problems. I have successfully treated many clients who experience depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) generalised anxiety disorder (excessive worry), social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other mental health problems. I am very passionate about mental health and my job as a psychotherapist. My aim is to work with clients, supporting them through their journey to developing positive changes and to have life long skills to manage the tough situations we can all encounter in our lives.

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Best Women Led Business 2022

Awards night

Mindview Clinic has been awarded the Best Women Led Business in 2022 by the IRD Business Awards.

“Thanks so much to this lovely lady from Bank of Ireland for presenting me with this award and IRD Duhallow for this fantastic event where all the amazing businesses were acknowledged and celebrated for all their hard work and success

This was a night I will never forget and thanks so much to everyone for all your support!
I am a very proud Mammy & Business Owner
Very excited for the future of Mindview Clinic”

Listen to me on Radio Kerry


I took the trip to Radio Kerry in March of this year to talk about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and my new online webinar for students. 

Check out the link to the audio below

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What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

With Mindview Clinic

CBT is offered as individual therapy sessions arranged by appointment and can be facilitated either face to face or online.

  • CBT is a talking therapy that is used to help people experiencing a wide range of psychological and mental health problems.
  • An assessment is carried out at initial meetings for both you and your CBT therapist to explore your presenting problems and determine if this is an appropriate treatment to help with your presenting problems.
  • If CBT is determined to be an appropriate treatment intervention for you then a treatment plan will be discussed with your therapist.
  • CBT helps with understanding thoughts and how these thoughts influence our feelings and behaviours.

Our Other Services

Mental Fitness and Resilience

Be aware of how life situations can influence your mental health and develop life skills to develop your mental fitness and resilience

Corporate Speaking

Encourage people to have conversations about mental health and the importance of it in the workplace. Develop some key tips to discuss and talk in an open forum.

Mental Health Workshops

Spread knowledge of mental health through your schools and organisations to understand the signs and symptoms of depression and stress.

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What Our Clients Say

Learn Client’s experience with Mindview Clinic CBT Sessions

“I am very grateful to Sharon who taught me CBT strategies on how to deal with anxiety and worry. She made me feel at ease from day one, as she is so easy to talk to. I have become a much stronger person mentally. Follow her on Instagram! I highly recommend Sharon for her professionalism. Wishing you…”

Client Review of Online CBT sessions

“I would highly recommend Sharon. I found her really easy to chat to and she explained the CBT techniques very clearly. I found them very useful in dealing with day to day stressors .I enjoyed chatting to her every week and I was completely at ease from the very beginning. I did all my sessions virtu…”

Learn about Mindview Clinic’s CBT Sessions

“I couldn’t recommend going to Sharon enough. Not only was she so understanding but she was lovely to chat to too. She genuinely is invested in your well-being and I always felt comfortable talking about anything! It may seem weird but I really looked forward to each therapy session as Sharon was so …”

Read Client Reviews of Mindview Clinic

“Sharon thanks again for all the skills and strategies you taught me when I attending you for CBT. It really changed my life in so many ways. From the start I felt totally at ease and knew you were going to help me. I know you will help many others that attend you and the tremendous work your doing o…”

CBT Sessions of Mindview Clinic, Treated a client

“Reaching out to Sharon was the best decision I made for myself! It was great to finally have someone who fully understood me. The learnings and tools she provided me will stay with me forever. I am so grateful to Sharon and would highly recommend….”

CBT Skills Webinar Recipiant

“This was a brilliant webinar. I have been studying CBT for a while but I found alot of new techniques and coping skills this morning on your course that until now I wasn’t aware of. It was very concise, practical, informative and engaging. Thank you so much….”

CBT Skills Webinar

“Thank you so much for the fabulous workshop, Sharon. You’re a fountain of knowledge. So insightful ???? the coping skills were so helpful. Really enjoyed it. Thank you so much ???? have a lovely weekend ❤️…”

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our post about CBT here.

An assessment would have to be conducted initially to make sure CBT is the right treatment approach for you. This will help us determine if CBT is the correct treatment approach at this time or if another approach is more suitable to meet your needs. A treatment plan will be decided at the end of our assessment that will help fulfil your needs. 

CBT has proven to successfully treat a wide range of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. For a full list of mental health terms click here

Clients I have worked with throughout the years have been successfully been treated with CBT either online or face to face. Both work equally well and there has been significant positive treatment outcomes with both types of methods of treatment.

During therapy education is provided about your presenting problem in a way that both you and your therapist can develop an understanding of your problems together.

A lot of people attending CBT therapy may have more than one issue that needs treatment, therefore we would work together with formulating a problem list on what your presenting problems are and then commence treatment initially on the issue that is causing you the most distress.

  • CBT helps with understanding thoughts and how these thoughts influence our feelings and behaviours.
  • It can often be difficult to speak to family members or friends about our problems and therefore we can get stuck in vicious cycles of negative thinking, overwhelming feelings (i.e. anxiety, stress, low mood), and we may behave by avoiding talking about our difficulties.
  • CBT provides an opportunity for you and your therapist to work together to make sense of how you are thinking, feeling and behaving and look at ways of understanding it and perhaps coping with it differently.
  • It is an approach that is mostly present focused looking at the ‘here and now’ problems. It is goal orientated, time limited and directed towards clear and realistic solutions. 
  • CBT is an approach that requires active involvement where regular commitment is required to attend sessions and to do work in-between sessions.
  • Work in-between sessions is an essential part of CBT treatment. This may involve some reading, keeping a diary, completing questionnaires, trying out thinking or behaving differently. A significant part of each CBT session is creating an ‘action plan’ of what needs to be done in-between our sessions to help with feeling better and regain a better level of functioning.
  • The aim of CBT treatment at Mindview Clinic is for your therapist to support you with your journey to developing positive changes and to provide you with coping skills and techniques to manage difficult life situations that we can all encounter in our lives.
Mindview Clinic provides CBT to ages 18 and over. 

You can make an appointment directly through telephone 086 3689636 or by email hello@mindviewclinic.ie

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